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We began creating web sites and E-commerce site in the 1990’s in South Florida for a small ISP. Back in those days the web and web sites were so new that many people didn’t really understand the Internet, what it was or what to do with it. That seems very strange today but it was a fact at that time. Businesses didn’t ask what they should do on-line or what they could do on-line but rather should they even consider having an on-line presence. At that time we wee explaining to businesses why they should have us build a web site and it was mostly for informational purposes and not E-commerce.

In our society today with the advent od Social Media, a thought or idea or image can be seen by millions of people in seconds. Our data can be transmitted via dozens of media at the speed of light and content lives forever in the abyss of the Internet.

Business cannot afford not to have a web presence and companies lose millions when their products are not sold on the Internet. Can you imagine if the only source available for commerce was through traditional brick and mortar establishments? With E-commerce now in the Billions of dollars I wonder if the remaining brick and mortar stores could adequately serve it’s customers.

That reason alone we offer our services to the cyber community to allow them to operate their business with great efficiency. We live in a world of specialization and in order to allow all business to have this web presence and E-commerce portal the question is really; Do I hire a full time employee to provide the expertise to build and maintain my E store or do I farm it out to a partner. For those who chose the latter we offer full services to support your web presence and E store.

We can build your store completely from scratch while consulting with you or your marketing personnel. It is really very easy as all you need to provide is the ideas that you wish to convey to your customers and potential customers. You will have dozens of templates to choose from, pick one out and we will build your store with your products and within your parameters. We will process images of your products complete with full descriptions including a general description, technical specifications, special instructions, sizes, colors and any other permeates that fit you line of merchandise or your services or both.

 We will work with you every step of the way to insure that we are building your vision and we will advise you along the way but the final decisions are of course yours to make.

We will include basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in every page, every category and every product. By doing this we make you site much more valuable to search engine spidering which will in turn create greater indexing of your products and services in the search engines.

We will also submit your domain to Google WebMaster tools which is greatly preferred by Google and should result in your site being indexed more quickly that if not submitted.

And remember, if you already have a Volusion E-commerce site we can do all of the about for you as well as we also fix and upgrade existing Volution stores. We can also maintain your E store by adding, editing or removing products or pages. We can edit you navigation and reorganize your E store. We can provide any service that needs to be completed for your Volusion E store and we do this on an hourly basis. We bill at $65 per hour and we have a special rate of $40 if the update takes less that an hour. We have many customers that use us for site maintenance on a regular basis. They simple email the changes that are requited and we usually complete most changes within 24 hours but this of course depends on the complexity if the editing to be performed. I am please to say that we have customers that we have supported in this way for over 15 years.

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You’re busy running your business. We understand! Let us create and manage your web presence! We can design, build and manage your Web Site or Web Store and take that burden away to allow you to focus on growing and operating your business.

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